Koh Samui Golf Lessons - Ko Samui Golf Teaching Professional
Koh Samui golf lessons, while on your golf holiday in the tropical paradise of Koh Samui, could be the perfect time to understand more about the swing and improve your golf game with our Ko Samui golf professional. Without any of the mental constraints that you have at home, and while being surrounded by the serene setting of coconut trees and clear blue skies, the brain is free to absorb the simple fundamentals of the golf swing. Combined with actually having time the time to practice the fundamentals on the range and then onto the course, improvement will be seen in dramatic bounds. And this only adds to the enjoyment of the wonderful golf holiday that you are already experiencing….the only thing better than playing golf, is playing better golf!!

Here at Samuigolf.com Holidays we have created golf packages that will not only cater to any golfer from beginner to experienced, but will also fit into their personal golf goals and time limitations or constraints From a 1 or 2 hour quick fix to an in depth analysis package of 10 hours including playing lesson, our professional and friendly golf expert will make sure your lesson is not only productive but extremely enjoyable.
Lesson Programs and Rates:

1. One hour instruction:
1 Person: 2,000 baht
2 People: 2,600 baht
Extra Persons: 600 baht/person
- Review of the set up fundamentals
(Grip, Stance, Posture, Alignment and Ball Position)
- Analyzing the student’s current golf swing, strengths and weaknesses
- Range balls and rental clubs not included in price.
2. Six Hour Beginner/Refresher Package:
1 Person: 11,000 baht
2 People: 14,400 baht
Extra Persons: 600 baht/hour
- Introduction to Golf including Golf Equipment, Golf Etiquette and Basic Rules
- The Fundamentals of Set-up (grip, stance, posture, ball position and alignment)
- The Basic Swing Motions
(Creating a Swing -Loading, Unloading and Unloading to the Finish Position)
- Drills to Instill the Swing Motions
- Introduction of Woods and Irons
(Irons Set Up, Irons Swing Keys, Woods Set Up, Woods Swing Keys)
- Introduction to Chipping and Putting (Chipping-club selection and method. Putting
- set up and alignment
- Review and Evaluation
- Range balls and rental clubs not included in price.
3. 10 Hour Beginner "Learn to Play" Package
1 Person: 22,000 baht
Extra Persons: 7.000 baht/person
- Three 2.5 hour lessons and one 9 hole playing lesson at Bophut Hills Golf Club
- Covers all aspects of the game in 7.5 hour Coaching Program
- Includes Bunker Play, Chipping and Pitching Fundamentals
- Course Management
(Better Decision Making)
- Playing off ‘uneven’ Lies
- Learn How to Read the Greens
Includes, green fees, balls, caddy fees and clubs.
4. Playing Lesson 9 holes
1 Person: 11,800 baht
Extra Persons: 4.550 baht/person
- 9 holes at the world famous Santiburi Golf and Country Club
- Pre Shot Routine
- On Course Management
- How to play off ‘uneven’ Lies
- Improve Your Skill at Reading the Green
Includes 9-hole green fee, Rental Clubs, Power Cart, Caddy Fee and Tip
5. Intermediate “Learn and Play The Same Day”
1 Person: 13,400 baht
Extra Persons: 5.250 baht/person
- One hour private coaching immediately followed by 9 hole playing lesson
- Review of the fundamentals and players strengths and weaknesses
- Great way to tune up the game and bring it to the course immediately with the professionals guidance and tips on how to better manage your game
Price includes lesson fee, 9 hole green fees, caddy fees, power cart, rental clubs, range balls
6. Intermediate “Learn and Play in a Few Days”
1 Person: 11,000 baht
Extra Persons: 3.000 baht/person
- Three hours private coaching plus 9 hole playing lesson
- For any golfer wishing to improve his/her handicap and taking their game to the next level
- Can be scheduled over a few days to suit the golfer
- Review of the fundamentals and players strengths and weaknesses
- Controlling Trajectory and Movement of the ball (high, low, fade, draw etc)
- Playing off uneven lies
- Short Game Mastery- pitch and run, pitch and spin, flop shot, hard lies
- Great way to tune up the game while pro shows how and when to execute the new skills on the course and how to better manage your game
Price does not include green fees, caddy fees, rental clubs, range balls etc

GREEN FEE: 4,200 Baht